Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reading MUET

Today, we are going to learn about "Reading".

1.Read the main idea.
2.Find the thesis statement

1.Circle the keyword in the question.
2.Find the answer in each paragraph.

Miss Syafikah give us some exercise to do work in each group.Firstly, how to get the answer in each question.Secondly, we're to discuss the massage is given by miss.Each group have four student.Three of them find the keyword in the massage outdoor..this is can be remember points about that.The title given is 'Why women wear button left side and why men wear button wear right side'.... 

...............According to Metali Goswani of De la Salle-college of Saint benilde,this particular fashion conundrum has its roots in the victorian era,at a time when buttons were expensive and mostly worn by wealthy people-women also had servants to dress them."Given that most people are right-handed,their buttons  were placed on the servants right,which is the wearer's left side".men,on the other hand,dresssed themselves so their buttons were placed on their right side.Those who could not afford servents copied the style of wealthy,and women's buttons have remained on the left since..

                                                                                                              Adopted from

Lastly, we're given the homeworks and come back the college..

The End....

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