Saturday, April 9, 2011

For today, our class make the individual speaking in the Laman Pelajar. Each person can speak better and good..At below, our title in speaking...
  1. Basit - Diabetes
  2. Adib - Photography
  3. Mirul - Badminton
  4. Daus - Obesity
  5. Zulaikha Mohd Noh - Beruk is Monkey
  6. Faris - Drug abuse
  7. Zulaikha Hazali - Chocolate
  8. Azfar - What should I do if I get 1 million
  9. Samseng - How to be a good friend
  10. Hafiz - Metal core
  11. Hisham Hilmi - Radiation effect
  12. Afiq Samsi - Smart phone
  13. Amirul - H1N1
  14. Faiz - Snooker
  15. Bob - Mushroom soup
  16. Abe - My hobby
  17. Ain - Green
  18. Azim - Silat
  19. Baz - Chocolate
  20. Akhbar - Plantation
  21. Naqiah - Eatholic
  22. Ismat -My mother
  23. Min - Friends
  24. Safwan - Leader
  25. Aisyah - Love
  26. Z - Guitar
  27. Esah - Bad effect of smoking
  28. Muin - Hometown
  29. Syaza - Friendship
  30. Cheqa - Stunt
  31. Sue - Stress among students
  32. Syakir - Chocolate

Sunday, March 13, 2011


A change of Hearts by Linda Louise Rigsbee

From this book above, I think an interesting when I have been reading a few days ago.The book about the Carmen has had a change of heart.  She has agreed to a surogate mother for their new baby.  From the day Alex talks her into it, she isn't sure it is the right thing to do.  She has made so many restrictions on the procedure that she is caught off guard when they discover it is successful. 
    As if things were not complicated enough, the visit to his father's home in Texas reveals another problem.  Alex  has been hiding more than a father.  He has been hiding an entire lifestyle.  His secrecy puts a strain on their marriage, and the final surprise could be enough to end it.   

Monday, March 7, 2011

Graph...Exercise 7

The percentage of favourite sport among Malaysians 2007

             The graph shows percentage of favourite sports between male and female among Malaysians 2007.

             The trend indicates is fluctuated in  percentage of favourite sports among male and female.

             The greatest percentage of males is badminton in favourite sport which is from 50% to 60%.Majority of female like the sport is jogging.Golf is maintened the level between male and female as about 0% to 10%.Percentage of swimming among ladies is higher than guys which is 10%.

             Many reasons for selecting sport between females and males are different.Ladies like swimming because it is suitable for pregnant and fewer physical 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why the English Language important to me?

Do you know,why the English Languange 
is very important to me and everyone?

Lets go, to share this question and getting these answer together..

English Language...
it is most important in ourlife...
everywhere, we use the English Language..

English Language very important
could be easiar to talk with other person everywhere
us stay away..
it is can be improve about grammar especially
 in the writing and, try the best 
find something and information to improve it.. can get it?
Find the web page in the internet.But not least,
u can get with buy the newspaper.
For example, New Straits Time (NST) newspaper.

Most important to learn about English Language 
is when us to find the job, 
English is first language used in the interview to get some jobs.
We must to talk totally fully English.

That all...
I can share my opinion...
Actually, it is many to discussed this topic but 
I know you all have many point to 
continue my opinion..

Thank you...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting to know me..

Hye guys..
It's me...Mynn
you want to getting know me??
Who is me??
I want to introduce myself and share to everyone..
My full name is Siti Aminah binti Muhammad.
I live in Johor..
I am a person like smiling to everyone.Sometimes, I don't know about
a person but I am still smile.
Smile can give me support to myself.It is can be made I always to happy.
It also can  release tension and stress.Smile good for self.
It can release from to angry.
So, join me love to smile..

Thank you..

smile always to peaceful in your life

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sex Education

Sex education
 can defined as processing of acquiring
 information and forming attitudes and beliefs
 about sex,sex identity,relationship and intimacy.
It also about developing young people 
skills so that they make informed choices about
 their behavior and feel comfident and competent about 
acting on these choices.It is widely received that young people have a right to sex education.
Is that very important to our life.

One approach to sex education to view it as 
necessary to reduce risk behaviors 
such as unprotected sex, 
and equip individuals to  make informed decisions about their 
personal sexual activity.Another view 
point on sex education, holds that what is at stake in
sex education is control over body and liberation 
from social control.Sexual education may thus be seen as
 providing individuals with the knowledge necessary to
 liberate themselves from socially organized sexual
 oppresion and to make up their own minds.
In addition, sexual oppresion may be viewed as socially harmful. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


24 January 2011


Today, we are learn about the speaking..Speaking very important to try talking in front of audiens or personal..
We are given eight group.Each group have four student and someone has one point to elabration about the "What you think about the help to foster racial unity amongst students of different races?"

First point
1) Arragements in the classroom.
Second point
2) Group work during lessons
Third point: 
3) Co-curricular project
Forth point:
4) Cultural perfomances involving students of various races.