Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sex Education

Sex education
 can defined as processing of acquiring
 information and forming attitudes and beliefs
 about sex,sex identity,relationship and intimacy.
It also about developing young people 
skills so that they make informed choices about
 their behavior and feel comfident and competent about 
acting on these choices.It is widely received that young people have a right to sex education.
Is that very important to our life.

One approach to sex education to view it as 
necessary to reduce risk behaviors 
such as unprotected sex, 
and equip individuals to  make informed decisions about their 
personal sexual activity.Another view 
point on sex education, holds that what is at stake in
sex education is control over body and liberation 
from social control.Sexual education may thus be seen as
 providing individuals with the knowledge necessary to
 liberate themselves from socially organized sexual
 oppresion and to make up their own minds.
In addition, sexual oppresion may be viewed as socially harmful.