Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why the English Language important to me?

Do you know,why the English Languange 
is very important to me and everyone?

Lets go, to share this question and getting these answer together..

English Language...
it is most important in ourlife...
everywhere, we use the English Language..

English Language very important
could be easiar to talk with other person everywhere
us stay away..
it is can be improve about grammar especially
 in the writing and speaking.so, try the best 
find something and information to improve it..
Oh...how can get it?
Find the web page in the internet.But not least,
u can get with buy the newspaper.
For example, New Straits Time (NST) newspaper.

Most important to learn about English Language 
is when us to find the job, 
English is first language used in the interview to get some jobs.
We must to talk totally fully English.

That all...
I can share my opinion...
Actually, it is many to discussed this topic but 
I know you all have many point to 
continue my opinion..

Thank you...